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Outcome-based Massage
     Outcome-based massage is primarily based around clients who have a specific problem that they are dealing with. This work is typically 2 to 3 sessions a week for 4 to 16 weeks to work your specific needs. No prescription is needed for this work but it is supported by other therapies such as Chiropractors and Acupuncture.

     Sessions are approximately 20 minutes long and focus only on the area of discomfort. In some cases working more that one region may be required to successfully elevate the problem.
      Some of the following are indications that this type of massage would be beneficial to you (but are NOT limited to):
       Strain/Sprain             Tendonitis                          Bursitis                         TMJ
       Arthritis                       Stress
       Tension                       Structural deviations
        Thoracic outlet syndrome       

Lower Extremities
       Shin Splints                Hammer Toes
       Lordosis                       Scoliosis
       Plantar Fasciatis       Stress
       Sciatic Syndrome       Cramping

       Lumbago                          Tendonitis
       Structural deviations     TMJ
       Arthritis                            Stress
       Strain/Sprain                  Overuse/misuse
       Pelvic Tilting/Rotation
       Piriformis Syndrome

Upper Extremities
          Strain/Sprain          Whiplash
          Bursitis                      Kyphosis
          Arthritis                    Stress
          Torticollis                Carpal Tunnel
          Medial & Lateral Epicondylitis
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