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Facial Massage

 What is Facial Massage?
This treatment is a massage stimulating the facial muscles to bring oxygen to the area and help increase collagen as well as offering stress relief.
Facial Massage is geared toward relieving stress, insomnia, anxiety, helping headaches/migraines, sinus congestion and tension. 

Most of us carry tension in our face and head muscles but are unaware of the negative daily effects that is has on us. This treatment consists of a cleanser, mask and hydrating moisturizer all while receiving an amazing massage of the facial, neck and cranial muscles.
Do yourself a favor and book your 25 minute facial Massage today.

**Please note that this is not your typical facial. We do use a line of product made for the face but, there are no extractions or skin exams.** 

Isn't it about time for you to get away from the pressure, noise, and never-ending demands upon your time and attention.  Sometimes a little "me" time is in order.  That's where I come in . . .

Allow me to be your destination of choice when you want to escape the world for an hour or two.  Let me help you to remember what it means to truly relax.

Massage is great for relaxation, arthritis, injuries, pregnancy and much much more. Look to Why Massage? for more information about why massage might be right for you.

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 Available by advanced appointment only.

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