A Touch Above - Heal the body, Relax the mind.


Therapeutic Massage
30 Min $45    60 Min $70 
90 Min $105   120 Min $140
This is the most popular treatment
This treatment can use more than one modality and will focus on specific areas in need. Therapeutic Massage is best suited for those looking for a more personalized session.

        Swedish Massage 
           25 Min $35   50 Min $60
                      80 Min $90
    This is a light to medium pressure full body massage. This massage helps to aide in the healing process, relief in muscle tension and promotes relaxation and well-being.

Pregnancy Massage
30 Min $35   55 Min $60
   This is a technique used for both prenatal and postnatal massage. The use of a body bolster helps mom to be able to relax comfortably during the session. This is a light to medium pressure.       *Must be past first trimester.
**Certified in pregnancy massage.

Hot Stone Massage
50 Min $80    80 Min $110
   Stone massage uses heated stones to massage the entire body. The heat helps to penetrate deeply into the muscle and releases tension, giving the body a more relaxed feeling and allowing you to enjoy the overall benefits in a deeper state of relaxation. 
*Needs at least 2 hrs advanced notice.

         Warm Scalp Massage
                                                         30 Min $45
   This treatment enhances circulation, promotes relaxation, and helps to promote healthy hair growth. During this treatment you will experience warm oils and towels and a hydrating conditioner to go along with a relaxing scalp massage.

**Prices are subject to change without notice.**
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